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5 star ratingWe arrived a few days early before the Nudefest event started, knowing that it would be crowded. As a clothing optional resort the age range of guests was from young adults to senior citizens. There was plenty of room in the tent camping area and a porta-potty was within walking distance. We pitched camp by the lake and spent many hours watching the geese & ducks. Over the next two days all of the camping areas were filled with motor homes, trailers and tents and we were thankful we had chosen a space away from the heavy traffic.
Overall, this is a highly rated resort with a wide variety of activities and facilities. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools and spas. Every afternoon there were bands playing and dances in the evenings. The cafe did have limited hours but when they were open the service was good and the food well prepared. We had come prepared to cook all of our meals on the campfire but still enjoyed the cafe also. Even though the facility was crowded due to the weeks events the nights were peaceful and facilities were kept clean.

Dane H. Avatar
Dane H.

5 star ratingA great vacation. We arrived a few days early before the Nudefest event started, knowing that it would be crowded. As a clothing optional resort the age range of guests was from young adults to senior citizens. There was plenty of room in the tent camping area and a porta-potty was within walking distance. We pitched camp by the lake and spent many hours watching the geese & ducks. Over the next two days all of the camping areas were filled with motor homes, trailers and tents and we were thankful we had chosen a space away from the heavy traffic.
Overall, this is a highly rated resort with a wide variety of activities and facilities. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools and spas. Every afternoon there were bands playing and dances in the evenings. The cafe did have limited hours but when they were open the service was good and the food well prepared. We had come prepared to cook all of our meals on the campfire but still enjoyed the cafe also. Even though the facility was crowded due to the weeks events the nights were peaceful and facilities were kept clean. More

Dane H Avatar
Dane H.

5 star ratingMy very first Nudist resort stay. Better than awesome! Two days in paradise. I chose a a luxury room during the week. Unfortunately the restaurant was not fully staffed yet. Still recovering from the covid shutdown. It was weekends only. Just plan accordingly and you can't go wrong. Bought some basic food items at nearby Raley's. It is a MINI fridge. So, don't get carried away with the perishables. I bought a couple pre-made salads, fruit bowel, Bananas, and microwave meals, etc. Kept it light. Got back, put everything away. Clothes came off and stayed that way for the next 48 hours. Excellent staff, Super friendly community, Clear skies and warm sun on happy buns! Sun screen! Most important. For got my scalp of all things. Ouch! LOL! I wanted to stay in OZ, forever. Did not want to return to the "normal" world. Got home and immediately started planning my next trip. Worth every penny spent! Even for a solo single! More

RadarDG Avatar

5 star ratingOK, if you like to run around naked (like me)-- Laguna del Sol may be a great place to hang out! If you want to spend the night, there are lots of options to choose from, however, reservations in advance are really important!!!

You can bring your own RV, and take advantage of hooking up to water and electricity. If you become a member at LDS, you can have your RV stored there, and pulled out before you arrive.

All of rental units that LDS had to rent for this weekend were sold out a week ago. We tried several times during the week to see if there were any cancelations. There weren't, and we really wanted to hang out with our friends (who had fortunately called in earlier for reservations and got them). We were desperate for a place to stay at LDS, so we decided on what was available--dry camping.

We pulled out our two person tent stored in our garage, and dusted it off. Then we made a list of what we needed to take with us. We didn't need much clothing--since clothing isn't encouraged, and the forecast said it was going to be hotter than hell. We filled a large cooler with foods that were quick and easy. We used one of the gas grills at LDS to cook steak, and corn on the cob, and also another meal we used the grill to BBQ our precooked short ribs.

We decided to not get food from the restaurant because our friends ate breakfast there the week before and they weren't impressed with what they got.

Tip: if you are leaving from the Bay Area on a Friday during the busy season, leave before 10 am. Recently, we left on a Friday at around 12:20 pm, and got stuck in a huge slow down in what seemed like middle of nowhere. Actually, it was a 4 way stop sign. The next time, we left the Bay Area on Friday around 10 am, and that 4 way stop sign was easy smeazy.

Tip: look at the weather forecast, and if the heat is going to be really high (in the hundreds) I highly recommend not to do dry camping (dud). Even though I hung out most of the time in the swimming pool, the next day, I was totally exhausted. I just wanted to sleep (and we didn't have an air-conditioned room to sleep in).

There are lots of things to do at LDS while being in the buff including hiking, swimming, tennis, pickleball, horse shoes , water volley ball, dancing and archery. There is lots of animals to be seen and heard. This last weekend we could hear the coyotes howling in the distance. There are snakes, and when we were hiking last summer, my friend had a close call with a rattlesnake (just watch where you walk and or sit in nature).

BTW, you aren't allowed to take photos at LDS (for privacy reasons).

So, I highly recommend going to Laguna del Sol if you like being in nature with no clothes. We look forward to our next visit.

JoAnn S. Avatar
JoAnn S.

5 star ratingWent back for the wife's birthday and stayed in the white house. Pool and hot tub in the white house was closed but it was a short fun walk to the main pool that was open. Love the vibe of this place. People are cool and nice and seem to want to find things in common. we are heading back for fathers day and cant wait.

Kuda C. Avatar
Kuda C.

4 star ratingWe absolutely enjoyed our stay here. When we arrived we took the tour and got to know the dos and don'ts of this awesome place. The people make it so easy to just be free and feel apart of the community. Hiking, swimming, jogging, bird watching all the way the good lord intended. Meet some really cool people there and just listened to people, something about being nude in nature just inspires me! Heard the food at the cafe was wack, but we got a cabin with a full kitchen (we brought a full cooler) so food was no problem at all. Did I mention the people are really nice!!! clean, comfortable, and friendly. Follow the rules and enjoy. if you can ask for Pierre to give you the tour, he is freaking awesome. Dogs must be on-leash unless at the dog park. They have multiple pools including a river area to walk to that's the perfect spot to enjoy some wine, and a snack with the person you love, or eat a snickers bar and drink some Henny alone. Nature at its best will have you at your best!

Kuda C. Avatar
Kuda C.

5 star ratingGreat time. really nice clean place. Totally enjoyed being there. We are planning on going there as often as we can. We only went for the day three times but we are planning on taking are trailer and staying for a few days. We were totally relaxed and happy we had made decision to go there.

jayjK5743FP Avatar

4 star ratingNot fully open. We've been coming to Laguna for many years and have always enjoyed it. This trip was just a bit different. With the Covid thing happening many of the pools and Hot Tubs were closed. I really don't have issues with that but it's needs to be posted on the website. Had it been posted I probley would not have gone there. Other that that it's a great place to hang out and enjoy the weather.

myvega Avatar

4 star ratingA lovely beautiful place, so well tended,
grounds crews going all the time. The hot tub is off limits due to the situation but the conversation pool is open,with neat little x marks so you can keep your distance. There is no indoor dining, but there is a delightful patio and our server was pleasant and professional. They do have a limited menu and hours which is to be expected, to me it was lovely just getting a bit I didn't make. The gym was open, with a strict limit. People were really good about that. There is only one fly in the ointment. After a respite of a year the same person complained about in a previous review is back. Her name isn't Karen. But it should be.

Mary G. Avatar
Mary G.

4 star ratingGreat place. However, it is closed until further notice due to Corona Virus situation. Not even members are allowed on the property at all.

Karl K. Avatar
Karl K.

4 star ratingBeautiful Place to Relax, Meet People and Have Fun Wonderful place to unwind, enjoy Mother Nature at her finest and meet fun and interesting people. Swim in the pools, play volleyball, canoe the lake or just sit at your campsite and enjoy the fresh air. As for getting naked or participating in activities? Just do what you’re comfortable with. I’ve never noticed anyone judging what others are doing - they’re too busy having fun!

Laguna Del Sol is well maintained, clean and the staff are friendly and always helpful.

FarAway438191 Avatar

Omg you have to try it once.. and then your place to make new friends life long friends..

Ron P. Avatar
Ron P.

Absolutely the best clothing-optional resort in Northern California. Clean, well maintained, and well run. Pools and spas galore. Nude hike to the river at the back of the property was a highlight of my visit. Perfect day spent sitting in …MoreAbsolutely the best clothing-optional resort in Northern California. Clean, well maintained, and well run. Pools and spas galore. Nude hike to the river at the back of the property was a highlight of my visit. Perfect day spent sitting in the cool water, laying in the warm sun, and reading my Kindle. Cooked all my own meals so I can’t comment on the restaurant.

Robert P. Avatar
Robert P.

Living in CA rocks! It's November 9 and we were able to sunbathe. It was the perfect situation of sunny, but not too hot. We were like cats by a windowsill. What a life. There were quite a few people poolside but not crowded. It was a nice way to celebrate part of Veterans Day weekend.

a t. Avatar
a t.

Wonderful place. Have been going there for years. Safe clean and comfortable. Has a lil something for everyone. Great camping rates

Richard C. Avatar
Richard C.

Fun, friendly place to be yourself. Everyone makes you feel welcome and the grounds are beautiful and offer so many choices if you want to do something other than just sit and relax. Dances on Sat night are the best!

Jen B. Avatar
Jen B.

Beautiful facility. Reasonably priced. Food was just ok in their restaurant.

Alice T. Avatar
Alice T.

America's Premier clothing optional resort

Ken S. Avatar
Ken S.

I love the atmosphere here. People are polite and very friendly. I have camped out here on numerous occasions. There isn't much of a young crowd though. They also don't play any hip hop and/or r&b of any kind, which is kind of a downer because they have a nice bar set up.

Judy M. Avatar
Judy M.

What a great place to camp out. Nice people a good sites for the RV.

Mike H. Avatar
Mike H.

5 star ratingLove this place! We've figured if you go 14 days the membership pays for itself, especially if you rent camp at only $10 a night. And we pay more to go to Burning Man only one week!

Specialty weekends are fabulous. Not only because of the staff although they add to the festive fun, but more because of the caliber of the guests on these weekends.

Darla B. Avatar
Darla B.

Great facilities

Rick E. Avatar
Rick E.

Best place in US love it here

Elizabeth H. Avatar
Elizabeth H.

Awesome place. Very fun and relaxing. Employees and people a really nice.

Rodney B. Avatar
Rodney B.

4 star ratingIf the sun hasn't touched your entire body, you're missing out! I have been to what they call 'LDS' a couple of times. Both were very pleasant escapes during a business trip to the state's capitol.Once there, business, worries and inhibitions melt away.

People have pre-conceived ideas about nudism. Many think that naturists are weirdos, hippies or swingers. It is what you want it to be. I traveled solo both times, and met the most wonderful people. While there are mostly couples, some families... if you're not shy, a single does have the opportunity to meet someone else to enjoy their company.

I have been to a few clothing-optional/prohibited properties. I can say without reservation that I have never met a more inclusive, welcoming, fun affinity group than nudists. Heck, you're naked, so no one is presented in an expensive car, designer clothes or in an exclusive setting. You don't know whether the guy playing pickle-ball is a dot-com billionaire, or an auto mechanic.

Give it a try! Don't judge until you have. I "was" one of those 'judgers' who didn't understand the wonderful feeling one has when baring it all with nice people. And, LDS is a great place to start.

Bring a tent, RV or rent an apartment across the lake. Don't expect the Ritz - while accommodations are clean, neat and comfortable... there is no concierge, bellhop nor high-tea. And, don't be afraid to come by yourself. I'm not sure whether management 'limits' the number of single men or not (single women seem to always be welcome. ha). But, if you're a nice person too - you'll fit in and truly relax.

MoneyTracker Avatar

This place is amazing. We love the atmosphere and people. The pools are pristine and the grounds are kept well. Some of the staff could work on their people skills but overwhelmingly they are above and beyond average just bumped we have to leave

Thomas C. Avatar
Thomas C.

Relaxing & friendly

Brittney T. Avatar
Brittney T.

5 star ratingI have had issues The property and most people are great.. The manager is another issue altogether. I need to speak one on one with the owners regarding that matter. My wife and I have been going there for over 5 years about twice to three times per year and the feeling being nude in the sun and the hot tub and pools are great. we would usually rent a room on the east side and be by ourselves or bring our trailer. We have never had an issue till this last summer until the manager became rude and almost hostile.. I have heard he has been this way with others for little minor things that could have been settled with nothing more than a shaking of his finger.. Rather a disappointment to a great visit.

rad7412 Avatar

5 star ratingBeautiful, relaxing atmosphere, sun bathing "El Fresco".
No stress, no judgement, no sex.
Restaurant and bar are excellent, or bring your own food and drinks from outside.
Two swimming pools, showers, etc...

Albert M. Avatar
Albert M.

5 star ratingAn incredible Oasis in the valley. Truly friendly and hospitable staff, impeccable grounds, interesting notch all the way around. We'll be back!

Andrew P. Avatar
Andrew P.

5 star ratingRelaxing and fun place to spend the weekend My wife and I have visited Laguna Del Sol several times and we have always had a great time there. The facilities are very varied so there are accommodations for just about everyone. For us, we prefer to camp there. The facilities for camping are fantastic. Beautiful grassy field to camp on. Restrooms and showers are convenient and nicely maintained. The people we have met there are wonderful. I don't agree with another negative post indicating otherwise. The overwhelming majority of guests are couples between 40-60 years old. There always seems to be some families enjoying themselves there also.

Running and Maintaining a large facility like this is very difficult. I think the staff at the facility does an amazing job of greeting guests and trying to be helpful. In our case, we have always had wonderful interactions at the front desk and restaurant.

The other amenities are a bonus. Multiple pools, walking and running areas, nightlife and pickleball. If you like the outdoors and enjoy being sans clothing for the weekend, then this place is a fantastic escape.

FunRunner59 Avatar

5 star ratingGreat place to spend a warm fall day!

Larry C. Avatar
Larry C.

4 star ratingFine facility with well kept pools and grounds. The restaurant has good food which comes in handy since the town is 20 minutes away. The guests are all friendly and see life in relaxed manner.

Alice H. Avatar
Alice H.

5 star ratingBest place in the World We have enjoyed the family fun at Laguna Del Sol for years.
Love relaxing at the pool & talking with folks with so many diverse careers.
Lawyers, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, emt's, teachers, military, HR, fire captains, IT, Bay Area & San Jose techs and entrepreneurs.
We enjoy the amazing occupational & life background stories.

Mostly married couples. Many times more females than men when I roughly count at the main pool. A safe protective environment & the landscaping crew is meticulous taking care of many pristine acres. It's such a relaxing place to de-stress. The ultimate palm tree blue sky swimming oasis near Sacramento.

We've cut back our Hawaii trips because LDS provides the same getaway escape right here. A great discovery. Restaurant overlooking the lake, sports, exercise, many pools & spas, tent camping to million dollar RV busses around the lake. And special events attended by hundreds with live bands and fun vendor booths.

Day pass price is very reasonable. Unlimited membership visits available.
All this is enjoyable spring to fall. In winter time mostly shut down. There is a great indoor heated pool & spa with great views of the lake.

Check out their website See the web video tour & visit in the spring / summer for a great mental escape. We love it.

FarAway45079563124 Avatar

5 star ratingBest Clothing Optional Resort! LdS is one of my most favorite places! There’s so much to do here with Pickleball courts, horseshoes, pool tables, volleyball courts, Lake Archie, peddle boats, the river, bicycle share, weight room, water volleyball, seven pools, restaurant, nightclub, theme parties and so many friends!!

I love, love, love that it’s NOT a naughty’s family friendly, clean and classy.

K4995JSnancys Avatar

5 star ratingWe are members of LDS for about 5 years. We have enjoyed the all pools and indoor spa. The river with its water falling down the rocks. Nice large sandy beach. Many yearly events. We recently visited for Naked Man. A event when many guests host hard drink, ice cream cones, chile dogs, pasta feeds, candy, chips ect. Such giving guests.
We took our 2 small dogs this trip. our morning walk we ran into some trouble. while as our dogs did there thing. when ground wasps attached to our small dog, he was engulfed. My wife and i were bitten when we attempted to get the wasps from our dog. The assistance we received from the staff, and grounds people and guests were beyond anything we could imagine. They searched for 2 days and finally retrieved our dog. There are no words. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Richard O. Avatar
Richard O.

5 star ratingThe wife and I have been long time beach nudest, first time resort nudest.Loved it.Nice rooms,good food ,clean,and lots to do.They have rules,but there for a reason.And they are being inforced.Lol.Nice people,an older crowd for sure.Pools are a good place to hang out and relax.The ten minute hike to the river is a must do, beautiful.Difinetly do the dance Friday and Saturday,lots of fun!We highly recommend the experience, you won't be disappointed.We look forward to coming back.

John C. Avatar
John C.

5 star ratingThe greatest place to totally relax If you like nude recreation, this is the place. My wife and I have visited dozens of nudist facilities around the country and this has, by far, the best of everything; rooms, grounds, food options, etc.

Lawrence N Avatar
Lawrence N.

5 star ratingMoving to the Ranch The ranch more formally known as Laguna del Sol is about to become my full time residence. After 6 yrs if glamping, I'm hanging up my RV camping gear to move into a yr round dwelling: a 650 sq ft park model located steps away from the main pool and restaurant with a lively koi containing pond in front and direct view of the main stage in the meadow. So I must really love LDS.

hollyaharwayne Avatar

5 star ratingSo I travel to Sacramento frequently and have wanted to visit Laguna Del Sol. I had the opportunity last week but was a bit put off by negative recent reviews on Yelp. I came out to the club and I am very glad I did. The staff was great, gave a good tour, and made the standard AANR rules clear. I knew them all anyway but making them clear is a good thing for everyone.

I had none of the problems mentioned by a few others regarding extensive surveillance but I didn't need any. I was a male there by himself so you would think there might be some wariness but I was treated great and of course I was there for the right reasons, so no problem with anyone.

The facilities are wonderful, well kept, great setting. The people I met were the the friendliest I've encountered at many clubs (and nudists are pretty friendly). I enjoyed the restaurant, good food, reasonably priced (it is a resort settling), friendly staff.

If you are considering Laguna Del Sol don't let some negative recent reviews get in your way. Not sure what's up with some others but I had a great time and I'll be back.

Jeff T. Avatar
Jeff T.

5 star ratingI went for the second time this past weekend with my girlfriend. She was exicted in the way there but came game time she got a little nervous maybe even apprehensive. As the first day slowly ticked away she began to relax with each passing tick. To the point where she didnt even want to go home. Nervousness and apprehension disappeared when she decided to take her see through top off. She wants to come back. I enjoyed every minute of liberating her societies judgmental gaze.

My first time was in May. I normally didnt have the time or the money. So, my job at the time gave me a day in a weekend to allow for the tour and a few hours on the grounds. The grounds are pretty (im like gunny highway. Cute is not in my vocabulary. Try your best to make the translation). The people are nice, except for gayle the "pool nazi". When I left I felt real good inside. Till i met people and they ruined my vibe.

Lastly, this past weekend with my girlfriend, we rented the luxury room. Got one upstaris cause our bottom floor room wasnt ready. It was huge. Vaulted celings. Ice cold a/c. I actually had to turn it up to 73 (sunday at 4pm was 112f). The bed was massive. I thought the 70s porn i saw was bullshitting me with a bed that could fit 4 people. Again, I cant say how friendly the people were. They came from broad age range. Not so much in the 20s, maybe a 1:30. The 30 are something like, 4:50. There could be anywhere from 100-300 people. When I talked they even told me about the party and that the party gets better as the night goes on. That it did. If your curious or unsure, Ill tell you the same thing I told my girlfriend, just say fuck it.

Joe S. Avatar
Joe S.

5 star ratingWe have to be honest and admit that early last year we left a review rather critical of some aspects of this resort. However, after revisiting and noting the effort so many people have dedicated to ensuring this place is as awesome to as many people as possible, we feel it would be unjust to allow that review to stand.

The office staff seems to strive to be courteous and helpful. And the restaurant/bartending staff...friggin WOW! The service is courteous, and the food is very big, tasty, and very reasonably priced. They go above and beyond by offering services like setting out cold water in the lobby so visitors can stop by and refill their bottles. The bartending, restaurant staff, and their management deserve 10 stars.

The grounds and facilities are beautiful and immaculate. One would think it would take an army of dedicated staff to keep the facilities as clean as they do. And watching the daylight wan over the lake while having dinner in the restaurant...Wow...Just Wow.

Some people enjoy a cocktail or three while wading and socializing in the pool during the heat of the day (and people are naked), so there is the need for some security to maintain everyone's safety and protect the family environment. However, Laguna has learned to provide the needed security very courteously and in a manner no one feels they are being watched or monitored.

Already by your second visit you'll run into people you met on your previous trip...Nice people who are sincere when they ask how you've been. There are very few cliques here. Within your first 30 minutes in the pool you'll come to realize just how welcome and accepted you are.

David S. Avatar
David S.

5 star ratingLove to in a family nudism and swim nude with other. Lay out in the sun nude. Thank You Support 81

Shane S. Avatar
Shane S.

5 star ratingVisited with friends for the first time a month ago and now I'm hooked. My friends are long-time Gold members so they were able to take me on the tour after the office staff told me the basic rules of conduct. We arrived on a Thursday afternoon and set up camp.

The resort offers lots of amenities including a restaurant, 4 pools (including 1 for kids, 1 for volleyball, and 1 indoors) 3 hot tubs, tennis courts and pickle ball courts, archery range, dog play area, nature walks, hotel rooms, camping (both tent and RV with hookups), bar with dancing every weekend and theme nights just about every other weekend, events (Grin and Bare It motorcycle poker run, Nudestock, and Naked Man to name a few).

I have found it to be a safe and welcoming environment. The barriers that keeps us from connecting with others are literally stripped away. We are unable to judge others based on their clothing. What freedom to be able see each other's personalities shine through!

I have now been three times for a total of 10 days in the last month and will continue to go as often as possible. It is worth the price of a Gold Membership if you average even just one weekend per month. Lose your inhibitions and enjoy nature at it's very best.

Chris M. Avatar
Chris M.

5 star rating6 yes I said 6 !!! Pickleball courts with ample seating for (at one pervious time) 60 players

Alan H. Avatar
Alan H.

5 star ratingMy boyfriend & I visited LDS in late September as first time guests. After some slight issues checking in (which were our fault), the nice folks at the front desk took pity on us and arranged for our tour. We loved all the pools, the nature trails to the river (tho it was completely dried up which is typical for the time of year), the restaurant and the gazebo with all the hammocks. We planned on only camping there one night but extended our visit for an extra day. Tenting on the island was awesome; far enough away from everything but also just a quick walk to the pools & restaurant. The sunrises and sunsets were incredible.

All the staff were very friendly, the grounds were beautiful and our stay was fantastic. Definitely an older crowd but it was also mid-week for our stay. We are in our mid to late 30's and were probably the youngest ones there. That would absolutely NOT stop me from visiting again tho!

Loved it!

Scott S H. Avatar
Scott S.

5 star ratingWe stopped by Laguna del Sol on a drive through California, as I wanted to see if the resort is as good as the reviews it gets, The answer is an unequivocal yes. This clothing-optional resort is everything I would want. We stayed in the 'luxury rooms' which were equal in quality to a good hotel, and with a great view out over the lake, We enjoyed swimming in the pools, we used the fitness center, we ate some good meals in the restaurant, and we most of all enjoyed talking to the other guests. The friendly atmosphere is just amazing. Meanwhile I worked on my suntan to eliminate any white patches, We encountered all ages of people at the resort, from young children all the way through to people in their 80's. Everyone who isn't scared of seeing a little nudity should come and try this place out. It's an experience not to be missed.

Nigel H. Avatar
Nigel H.

5 star ratingLDS was the first clothing optional resort we've ever been to, it's so great we've been going every year for the past 3 years and we love it here. There's so much to do; tennis, volleyball, paddle boats, hiking or just relaxing around the lake or pools. The restaurant was very good and we were able to enjoy a meal without having to wonder what to wear. The staff and all the guests are extremely friendly and we were felt welcome from day one. Looking forward to more visits!

Raul M. Avatar
Raul M.

5 star ratingThis is paradise, beautiful clean natural surroundings, the lake has turtles, fish,frogs,and many types of birds.
The main pool has been remodeled and offers under 5ft for all, this is great for us short girls, also unbrella have been permently added around the pool so we have shade in several areas all day long.
The staff are very professional and accommodating, they create a safe comfortable environment for all.
The club is so fun, dress up as you like or go nude it's all acceptable here NO ONE JUDGES! Good current music lights etc
There are many outdoor activities, pickle ball, volleyball in pool or out, boats to use for free, archery range, trail for biking or walking to natural flowing river that's clean and refreshing.
We just got home and I can't wait to ho back, we became members and it's the best deal ever.
See you there!

Denise L. Avatar
Denise L.

5 star ratingUpdate (again): I live here full time now. Love my home, love this community, love my friends, love my life!

I need to update this review because the restaurant is now serving fabulous food with great service!

The amenities are upscale and the main pool has recently been remodeled to accommodate a much larger crowd.

The friendliest people are on the Pickleball courts! Come join us on the dance floor every Saturday night!!

Nancy S. Avatar
Nancy S.

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