Linda and I had never considered visiting a nudist community. We had our preconceived ideas and thought it would be embarrassing and the people would be weird. We had lived in the Orange County and Riverside County areas for 40 years and had driven past the nudist resort named Glen Eden. I’ll admit that I was always somewhat curious but never considered stopping by or suggesting to my wife that we look into the nudist lifestyle.We moved to the East Bay area in 2009 and later in 2010 we met a couple while bike riding and became friends with them. After they got to know us they invited us to join them at Laguna del Sol for a visit to see what we thought about the nudist thing. They were nice people and not at all wierd, so much to my surprise, my wife quickly agreed to go see what it was like. I was a little surprised at her openness to the thought of nudism but I was glad and excited about our upcoming visit.Our first visit was so much fun and we felt so comfortable and enjoyed a great day by the pool with our friends and other members who were there. It seemed so natural and we only found people like ourselves. They were not weird but were in fact very nice and very friendly. The feelings of freedom and openness and being accepted as you really are, was amazing.Linda and I joined Laguna del Sol several weeks later and we go there as often as we can. We have thanked our friends many times for this introduction to a terrific way of life. We live in the East Bay area and often travel to Laguna for the day. The weekend dances and activities are fun and the staff at Laguna del Sol goes out of their way to assure your enjoyment while you visit this fabulous resort. We always feel safe and secure during our visits. See you there!

Jerry and Linda Buffington



Childhood Memories

I was 5 when I first visited a nudist club with my parents, brother and sister. My mother was pregnant with my youngest sister. I honestly have no memory of that first time, which makes me think that the nudity was not a big deal. My earliest memories of our many day visits and tent camping weekends are of the swimming pool, chasing lizards and playing shuffleboard. We were soon a family of six and spent most summer weekends camping there through my entire childhood.There were lots of “firsts” and milestones at the nudist resort– I learned to swim and dive (without a swimsuit, of course), we got our first pet dog, I learned to play tennis, volleyball, shuffleboard, horseshoes, ping-pong and pool. I got my first real job, working in the snack bar. I went through puberty at a time when there was a very large group of kids and teens at the club and don’t remember any of us having any additional issues of self-consciousness due to our being nude together. As I think back and try to distinguish between my nudist life and friends and my home life and friends, I think the nudist part of my life had way less body issues. I was used to being around nude bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes and never gave much thought to the fact that most non-nudists were pretty self-conscious about nudity. I am very grateful that my parents included nudism in my upbringing. I can’t honestly say if it’s something I would have tried on my own as an adult, but I sure hope so!

Suzanne Schell



My First Visit

I remember my first visit to Laguna del Sol. I was so excited by the idea of doing something fun, different and a little adventurous. . . . to experience first hand the feeling of being one with nature, the soft wind blowing, the warmth of the sun and the soothing sensation of water. But I was also extremely anxious and nervous about shedding my clothes from my less-than-perfect body for all the world to see.After a small leap of faith, I noticed very quickly that my physical imperfections didn’t matter to anyone but me. People of all shapes, sizes and ages visit Laguna del Sol to enjoy the freedom and fun of nude recreation. Starting with my very first visit, I felt welcome, comfortable and lucky to have found such a delightful haven.I openly share my experience at Laguna del Sol with friends. While I know this is not for everyone, I tell my friends that the little leap of faith is surely worth the risk. I know my life is richer and certainly more fun. You may find, like me, that Laguna del Sol offers an opportunity to enjoy life on a whole different level.

Debbi Hamill